Why Advertise ?

Why Advertise On The Radio ?

A captive audience in the hundreds of thousands is listening in their cars right now.
  Radio is faster, easier and cheaper than direct mail, television or periodicals.
Unlike other mediums, radio has the ability to build an on going relationship with your target
audience getting emotionally closer to the consumer over time.

Why ColeCuts To Create My Message?

ColeCuts  takes advantage of how people listen to the radio.

By focusing directly on your specific target audience, ColeCuts  then uses
 an evoked response method of advertising which offers great potential for persuation.

You see, what we do here is not broadcasting.   It’s actually narrow-casting.

ColeCuts establishes an emotional connection between you and your next potential client,
with story-based creations rather than the tiresome  "announcement ad"
with it's recital of features and facts read in clichés like a laundry-list by a disc jockey.

Your :60, :30, :15 or :10  second  ColeCuts marketing ‘story’ will be primarily designed
 to search out that specific target audience member you're trying to reach
achieving remarkable results.

So How Does It Work?

1.  Simply fill in the request form with some basic information about your business.
2. We'll call or email you and  talk about what you want your radio commercial to convey.
3.  Then we'll create a script to your specifications.
4. After the script is approved, ( we work with you to create the message you need )
we will then send a copy for you to evaluate, assemble our
professional voice over talent and record the finished product.

Imagine all that extra income an effective radio ad can bring in for your business!

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