AIR Award - Winner
AP Award - Winner
EMMY Award - Finalist
Marconi Award - Winner
Radio Mercury Award - 2 X National Finalist
R.T.N.D.A  Award - Winner
Silver Microphone Award - National Winner
Edward R. Murrow Award - 2 X -Regoinal Winner
Edward R. Murrow Award - National Winner

What Clients are saying about ColeCuts

"This is the best work in the country.  Your radio promos take on a life of their own."
                                                                                  -Dan Mason, President  CBS Radio

"Excellent. Very Funny and innovative. We love these promos."
                                                  -Brian Thomas, Program Director WCBS FM New York

"Your song parodies are fantastic!  I want to use you for all my stations."
                                                                            -Keith Abrams, Radio Consultant

"[These] sweepers are truly 'ear candy' ! ...they sound fabulous."
                                                                         -Trip Savery,  V.P. / G.M. WQDR / WWMY / WWNF

"We've worked with 'radio' people for more than 38 years and without question,
 Michael is the most talented, professional and above all, the easiest to work with
 of any.  His creativity makes any piece a notch above the rest. ColeCuts has played
 a major role in our success since 1988."
                                                                 -Barry & Elliot Tatleman, Jordan's Furniture

"You're David Ortiz, man !    Everything you produce is a home run !"
                                                                                       -Roger Peterson MTS Marketplace

"Your Lincoln Park Ads have everyone talking.  Your range from music to comedy back
  to image is phenominal."
                                      -Conover Tuttle Advertising

"You keep outdoing yourself with every commercial.  We love them.  The clients love
  them.  And above all the listeners love them."
                                                                        -Karen Fahey Ad Services

"I wanted to let you know that I just heard the Cabot ad on the radio and really liked it...
     for a few reasons:    1)  I love that guy's voice!      2)  It had a total calming effect and
     made me want to eat Cabot Cheddar    3)  Had a lot of info in a very listener-friendly way"
-Carol Batchelder, Advertising Manager, Body & Soul Magazine

"His reputation in the radio community is that the guy is a genius"
                                                                                                    -Harmon Marino Agency

"The ColeCuts program of advertising is unbelievable !   I have received so many
  phone calls acknowledging  my ad. My number of new clients is continually growing."
                                                                                  -Sandy Poirier Owner SHAG, Hair Salon

"We play all your ads over our phone lines as well as at the park."
                                                                                                  -Lincoln Park Racing

"I love it. I keep getting more and more response with your ads."
                                                                                               -Jim Farrell, Owner Farrell Volvo

"This stuff is great !....what exposure !"
                                                   - Tony Bartolloti GSM  Volvo Village

"Everybody is talking about where we're located.   ColeCuts has really put our name
   in the minds of  the consumer."
                                                  -Matt Kaplan GSM,128 Volvo/Saab

"You hit exactly the right tone and message that I need for my centers. Thank You.
Thank You. Thank you. I love what you have created."
- Donna Kelleher President, Next Generation Children Centers

"When we heard the spots we all went crazy.  Great work, ColeCuts !"
                                                                                                         -Sheri @  Magic Beans

"The presentation with your 'Boston Collage' was absolutely brilliant. It actually gave
   me chills listening to it and I'm not even from Boston."
                                                 -Rex Sherman, American Association of Port Authorities

"The ads are so funny, we play them over the PA system, online and over the phones."
                                                                                                            -McKinnon's Markets

"We're just beside ourselves with the creative...thrilled and delighted.  Our agency
  of record wasn't able to help us on this project...( ColeCuts ) came through in the
          -Dunkin Donuts

"You have generated thousand of dollars in revenue for us."
                                                                                  -Mark Shaughnessy, Wilderness House

"The response, in my opinion has been great. Our Check Point Channel Manager
  was so hysterical laughing at the spot, we had to keep playing it over. Thank you
  for a great job."
                     -Lisa Lee, Marketing @ Intrasystems

"The number of calls definitely accelerated. Our presence as a selling force is much
  more firmly established as a result of our advertising campaign with ColeCuts."
                                                               -Gerald Clancy, President Concept Equipment Corp.

"Well done !  My thanks and appreciation for a great commercial."
                                                                                                   -Michael  Mcoogan, Genfoot

"We absolutely love all the radio spots you do. You do our souls good to laugh so hard."
                                                                                      -Roberta MacDonald, Cabot Cheese

"Shock and awe is the feeling in hearing your spot."  " I'll only work with ( ColeCuts ) because
  he 'gets' it."                                                           -Ted and Ed  Burke President, Burke Oil Inc.

What the Media is saying about ColeCuts

"The most amusing and inventive TV spots anyone has produced...
  ( Coleman is a )  creative genius."
                                                     -Boston Globe

"( Coleman's ) music parodies ...are a dead on match."
                                                                                     -Wall Street Journal

"His spots even make the on-air people laugh after they're played."
                                                                                                        -Boston Herald

"You have to be fast to keep up with Coleman's comedy"
                                                                                       -Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"Frankly,  hysterical"
                            -Improper Bostonian

"Just when you think you know what's coming next,  Coleman throws you a curve
  and keeps you riveted"

"Lively, fast moving comedy"
                                     -Worcester Magazine

"Your commercials are the funniest I've ever heard, topping those of the great
  Stan Freberg, even, and I look forward to hearing every new creation...   What
  I'd like most, though is your CD..... Keep up the great work."
                                                                          - Rob "Fig" Newton, Worcester Magazine

"Coleman’s brilliant comedic talent shines"
                                                          -AEI Speakers Bureau

"Quick, cerebral, brilliant...extremely witty and highly intelligent "
                                                                                    -Actor / Comedian Matty Blake

"Roll in the aisles laughter. If you have a heart problem, do not listen to his work"
                                                                                                             -David Brudnoy

"I love his work. It's a cut above the rest."
                                                        -Paul Sullivan

"Cerebral humor"
                   -The Tab

“ColeCuts production work is simply unequalled. The elements are flawless and
  he is able to convey in brief snippets every thought and feeling I ask him to express.
  No one can convey a message, era or thought as quickly and perfectly as Michael
  Coleman can.  I have used him on numerous production jobs and always come
  back for more !”
                     -Barry Scott, "The Lost 45's"

"...entertaining and whitty..."

"Amazing work...simply amazing work... in-house creative genius"
                                                                                              -Bob Lobel, CBS-4 Sports
"How do you keep coming up with such great stuff ?
                                                                          -Alice Cook, CBS-4 Sports

"You have to do stuff for me, Michael. I love it !"
                                                              -Steve Burton, CBS-4 Sports

"Your stuff knocks me out !"
                                    -Paula Street, WODS

"Coleman just wows you with his cerebral, non-stop hysterical humor."
                                                                                                     -Newport Daily News

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