Hello, and thanks for checking out my site.  My web designer would like to ask you a favor.  He has developed page to show off my production, copywriting, and voice skills.  Both have been built using Flash.  Here's the difference:

VERSION ONE (Click here to view it): the page takes a long time to load (because the samples are loaded as part of the page), but the sounds can be heard one right after the other.  It uses a radio dial interface.  NOTE TAHT ONLY THE 1920s, 1930s, AND 1940s WORK.

VERSION TWO (Click here to view it): the page loads very quickly, but you have to wait for each individual decade sample because they must be downloaded separately.

Which version do you like? Please fill the following form out and let us know. We pledge that your email address will be quickly lost and NOT used for any spam, promotion, or mailing list. Thanks for your help.

  I like VERSION ONE (long download, quick listening)
  I like VERSION TWO (quick download, wait for each sound sample)

  I am on a modem over a phone line
  I am on a high-speed line (DSL, Cable, T1, T3, etc)

Any addtional comments?